For several years now, SCANIA has been preparing driver training courses to help drivers get to know the vehicle so that they can use it as effectively and safely as possible. This is part of Scania’s role in Trustonomy. SCANIA is especially involved in Trustonomy Pilot 3, located in Italy, and within which SCANIA integrates its coaching practices with Trustonomy guidelines and tools, in order to carry on an extensive validation (in real conditions) of DSM and HMI assessment frameworks.

In particular, during the theoretical part of the training courses, greater attention is paid to ADAS systems, also using special videos that illustrate how these systems work, and what interactions are expected from the driver. Unfortunately, as this technology is quite recent in the industrial field, it is not possible to test all devices on the road, and this is why the theoretical part is a key one. During these courses, participants are always requested to fill out questionnaires before and after the training.
As for the practical part, the participant has the opportunity to show Scania’s master drivers if he/she has understood what the theoretical part included. Each participant takes part to a 20 minutes session on the road. The master driver seated on the passenger side carefully observes how the driver uses the vehicle and provides advice so that the driver can get to know the Scania vehicle better; all this translates into an improvement in the general behavior of the vehicle, and in the relative fuel consumption.

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