AEIT AUTOMOTIVE 2021 will be held on November, 17-19 to host regular papers in several areas of the multiform automotive and e-mobility fields.
The 6th AEIT International Conference on Electrical and Electronic Technologies for Automotive (AEIT AUTOMOTIVE 2021) aims to be a solid reference for the technical community to present and discuss the most recent results of scientific and technological research for the automotive industry, with particular emphasis on applications and new trends. The Conference covers all aspects of electrical vehicles, connected autonomous cars, special vehicles, and e-mobility. AEIT AUTOMOTIVE 2021 will bring together the Electrical and Electronic specialists, Mechanical and Systems Engineers, and Information and Communication Technology specialists.

The conference will include Special Sessions on highly specialized topics reporting technical trends and breakthroughs within the scope of the conference and the tracks, as well as Tutorials on cutting edge technologies related to the conference topics.

Trustonomym represented by its partner ITS, will participate with a Tutorial on “Proactive training tool in driver training – teaching assistance systems of various automation levels”.
Transport automation is becoming a reality, drivers require a different set of competencies than 20 years ago. Many of them fear or over-trust the latest solutions. Additional lack of standardization in this area and advertisements misleading consumers exacerbate the lack of knowledge. In a world where human error is still the most common cause of accidents, knowledge plays a key role. The proposed tutorial is aimed at both developers and potential users. It presents a new concept of supplementary training in the field of driving assistants of all automation levels – an advanced e-learning platform being a result of scientific research carried out in Trustonomy project (EU H2020 Research and Innovation program, Grant no. 815003). The content and materials used in the e-learning meet the criteria and the detailed map of competencies extracted based on the expert analysis carried out within the project. This tutorial shows how the platform works and what kind of information should be passed to the driver to ensure efficient and safe cooperation with automation features. The form of the training gives the opportunity to transfer theoretical and semi-practical knowledge, and also to assess the progress. One of its biggest advantages is the semi-automatic simulation that imitates the operation of an automation system while getting the trainee actively involved in the driving task. In addition, despite the high level of advancement, the platform is being developed towards full scalability so as to enable the construction of the training regardless of the type, brand, model, and year of production of the vehicle. Moreover, the platform may be used to conduct training on driving assistants regardless of the automation level. The platform is a part of novel driver training curricula focused on automation systems and will be further developed and tested in the Trustonomy project.

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