The 2° Trustonomy Panel (online) meeting was held on 9 March.
With over 20 participants, the webinar especially focussed on the Project pillars, with an overview of the work done and results achieved so far. So: Automated Decision Support Framework; Driver Intervention Performance Assessment; Driver Training; Trust and Acceptance measurement; Driver state monitoring (DSM) assessment; HMI design assessment were presented, followed by interactive sessions with the online tool Mentimeter, to gather feedback and share opinions from the audience.
The meeting was the occasion to collect some relevant comments on the key aspects Trustonomy is analyzing and to better focus the work to be carried out in the next months.

In addition to the Advisory Board, to maximize its impact, Trustonomy also includes an inclusive stakeholder engagement strategy, through the Trustonomy Panel.
These stakeholders, belonging to multiple target groups (private sector, universities, end-users, policymakers) will have the chance to closely follow ongoing project activities, get promptly informed about early findings, interact with consortium partners, provide valuable feedback and foster future synergies, as well as facilitate the take-up of the developed technologies.