On October 17th, within the VIII Congress of Public Transport and Smart City in Warsaw (Poland), Trustonomy organized its first workshop, an interactive and brainstorming session to briefly present the challenges faced by the project as well as carry out interactive exercises with stakeholders to share views and ideas related to the use of autonomous vehicle, especially from the point of view of final users. More than 30 external participants, among experts and non-experts of the sector, attended the event, that started with a preliminary questionnaire to evaluate the level of autonomous vehicles/driving knowledge and a general presentation of Trustonomy, followed by an introduction to autonomous vehicles, safety, accidents and trust in autonomous driving.
The event aimed at evaluating the requirements for autonomous driving defined within Trustonomy: 25 requirements were chosen from different categories (Driver State Monitoring requirements, Human-Machine Interface requirements, Adversarial Risk Analysis requirements, Driver Training requirements, Driver Intervention Performance requirements, Driver Trust requirements). Participants had to fill in a questionnaire using a simple Likert-scale from 1 to 5, evaluating each requirement.
A brainstorm session was organized as well, combining presentations on the state of the art of autonomous vehicles, and practical exercises within 4 working groups.
At the end of the workshop, Trustonomy awarded participants for the best result on the preliminary questionnaires and the prize was… a voucher for driving simulator in ITS headquarter, of course!

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