The Trustonomy European project is at work for answering the question and to investigate technical aspects linked to autonomous driving, involving 16 partners from all over Europe.

Kicked off in May 2019, within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program from the European Commission, Trustonomy (a neologism from the combination of trust + autonomy) wants to raise the safety, trust, and acceptance of automated vehicles by helping to address technical and non-technical challenges through an integrated and inter-disciplinary approach, bringing experts and ordinary citizens to work closely together. Therefore, Trustonomy will investigate, setup, test, and comparatively assess, in terms of performance, ethics, and acceptability, different relevant technologies and approaches in a variety of autonomous driving scenarios, covering different types of users, road transport modes, levels of automation, driving conditions.
After one year of work, Trustonomy has analyzed the overall operational context of automated driving, including regulatory frameworks, operational barriers, existing solutions, and expected trends, both at technological and market levels, setting up the stage of the project. Trustonomy also carried out preliminary research to define the user requirements, focusing on the scenario known as “Request to Intervene”, whereby a driver is required to take manual control back of a previously automated vehicle.

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