On 7 June, the 2° AV Poland Conference will be held in Warsaw as well as in livestream.

The AV POLAND 2021 conference will be the most important event related to autonomous vehicles in Poland this year, allowing the exchange of knowledge and experience in a group of international participants and speakers. A large group of speakers with experience in global projects has been invited to provide specialist information on the benefits and risks of introducing autonomous and connected vehicles.

As part of the AV-POLAND 2021 conference, the results of the work of two flagship projects in the field of autonomous vehicles will be presented: AV-PL-ROAD and Trustonomy, co-implemented by the Motor Transport Institute. The aim of the AV-PL-ROAD project is to create guidelines for legal regulations for introducing autonomous vehicles on Polish roads. There are also plans to develop a catalogue of good international practices in the creation of regulations enabling the admission of autonomous vehicles to traffic and road infrastructure adapted to this, as well as to disseminate information to the public related to the introduction of autonomous and connected vehicles.
Trustonomy aims to develop methods and guidelines for enhancing the security of systems as well as increasing users’ trust and acceptance for automated vehicles by helping them meet the challenges ahead of AV market launch.

Trustonomy will be represented by three different project partners discussing as many arguments:

– Motor Transport Institute will discuss new driver Training challenges and needs for semi-automated vehicles
– Robotec will tell more about technological trends in driver monitoring and HMI
– The University of Leeds will explain what affects a driver’s trust in automation: a methodology using objective and subjective measures.

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