Trustonomy team keeps on progressing with its piloting activities. After kicking off Pilot 1, also Pilot 4 testing activities have started, located in Leeds, UK, and carried out by the University of Leeds (ULEEDS).
ULEEDS is a center of excellence for research on human factors in automation, with particular strengths in measures of trust, cognitive engagement, and workload. in the project, a comprehensive selection of factors that build and influence trust in automation have been identified and characterized, to be further investigated in driving simulator sessions. Essentially this pilot will apply a methodology to measure participants’ trust level in automated driving when exposed to different specifically choreographed simulated scenarios, studying its variations and aspects that contribute in reducing, preserving, and rebuilding it.
In the past days, the simulator piloting experiments have started, in view of an opening to members of the public in May, depending on the evolutions of Covid-19 local restrictions.